Friday, June 29, 2007

Speeding Ticket.

SoOoOoo I was going to work, listening to Jeff & Jer, and not paying attention when out of the blue... the sirens came on. The most embarrassing part... it was on the 125!! :/ Everybody knows there's always a lineup of highway patrol on the 125... I just was in outer space.. The worst part is I was going with the flow of traffic, even in the slow lane ..and there she came to write out the citation. She asked me why I was going so fast, so I told her I was just going with the flow. She asked why I braked, so I told her she "freaked me out". Well, we got to talking, and she admitted she was having a hard time ticketing me because I was so nice. I thought that was a great compliment, but realized she was still going to ticket me. So she continued on to say that she was sorry she was doing it, but its a job and she had a family. I told her that I understood and asked her about her family. She too had a little one and was trying for another. I told her about Annabelle and thanked her for being such a nice police officer, even though she still gave me the ticket. The radar clocked me at 76mph.. but what did she write on the ticket, "80mph" .. what the heck, I've been had!

(all my other instances with law enforcement have been equally amusing)

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