Friday, June 29, 2007

The Death Kitten :X

It was late. I was doing the dishes. Yes, me. The window was open and I continued to here the cry of a kitten. I really didn't care, so I just continued on with the dishes. As The night went on, a couple hours had passed and the cry continued. I decided I just wanted to shut the kitten up... I went outside and searched for the innocent, helpless, and cuddly Lil furball. When I had gotten outside the cries had ceased. [spooky] The next morning I heard the kitten again.. this time I was going to get him. Outside I found him on the fence. I decided to bring him inside to show the family. Of course, everyone fell in love and wanted to take care of him.... "NoOoOoOoOo!!!" My compromise was to keep him while we posted signs until the owner called. In the mean time, this kitten, "cute as could be" before AnnaBelle, Bethany, and Laura had a hidden agenda to altogether annihilate me. At first, it was slightly cute. We called him "Recon" because of his ability to secretly pounce on me while sleeping or relaxing on the couch. We quickly renamed the kitten to "Dracula" because of his urge to feast on my blood. I'd Simply walk by and flying through the air the lil kitten would attach to my leg piercing the very flesh that protects me. Again the name needed to fit the beast. I currently call him "death kitten" because I fear for my very life at this point. Today I tried to reconcile any hurt feelings the kitten had against me by drawing close to it. The cat leaped up and bit me on the nose! We are approaching day 3 of safeguarding the Little monster and I truly believe the owners disposed of him on our very fence to rid themselves of the death kitten curse. [see actual picture of Death Kitten above Article]

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Danny and Tonita said...

The "death kitten" looks SO cute! ;)