Friday, November 24, 2006

Sooo00oO00OooO0ooo much FOOD!

This year our plans entitled giving thanks with four families... and our intentions were to give thanks for the FOOD at all four dinners, but the food was ALL just too good to stop and think about rationing. so we ate. Our Itinerary began with the Jabbours, then to the Halls, the Rays and concluding with the Tiffany Family. We didn't make it to the last one :( So what are we thankful for? a Good God, a Hope in Heaven, Our Marraige, Our Kiddo, our supportive family, our awesome friends, life plans steadily coming together, a couple good Churches, two working cars, paid off bills, and too much FOOD. AnnaBelle of course was fed plenty of pie by all participating grandparents... It was a Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Our Playstation Adventure

(Updated: This video was edited to exclude vulger language not endorsed by the videographers)

In our efforts to further our capitalist endeavors, Chris Guess and I thought we'd go on a little camping trip at the local BestBuy. Sure people had been camping out a week prior at other local stores, But this BestBuy was different! This store wasn't going to have any loitering on their property until the day of the big sale. It was an attempt to arrive after the police had escorted the final group off the property 26 hours before any ps3 sales. We instead found 500 cars parked in the parking lot with similar intentions. There were probably a thousand people simply parked outside for a camping spot! Chris and I soon found that instead of documenting our ps3 story we would document everyone elses. We started with interviews and "sell it or keep it" polls just before all the chaos happened. It was 15 minutes before midnight and the legal time to find a plot of land when a single man made a rush for the doors, immediately an anxious 400+ people dashed in the same manner, many getting hurt in the process. The mob now occupied the front of the store. There was no legitimate way of recognizing a line, BestBuy was in trouble. One Joker decided to take matters into his own hands, he ran to the otherside of the door and shouted "the line starts here"...two hundred people immediately followed! Now there was two lines for the Management to choose from, and what looked like two armies waging war!! In the End the second line seemed to be the final line to their glory...You'll also see on the tape a Bestbuy employee pleasantly inviting the friendly customers to go back to their cars, and they politely declined. All this for an announced 26 playstations! In the end there were really 108 gaming systems... and our footage, it hit the channel 10 evening news, as the headline story!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dress Up.

Halloween was a blast this year... we dressed up on multiple occasions. First we dressed up in Asian outfits from our China Town visit for Brian's Party. Then We put on our old Starbucks Aprons to use for Amber Tiffanys party. We liked Matt and Missy Mcguiness' Hershey Bar outfits far better! Finally we dressed AnnaBelle up as a Cheetah on Halloween Day. We decided to go to Shadow Mountain, they put on a huge Carnival full of rides, animals and booths. We had a great time there with the Guess' and the Jabbours, especially in the fun house! It was good to see some of our favorite faces again too ( Barbara Boucher, Jenine Lewis, Troy Leeman, and the Wickens...we miss you! ) AnnaBelle was a great cheetah, but she didn't do such a good job at flirting for our candy. opps, "her candy".. I guess she knows she always has a grandpa around with chocolate in his pockets. :)