Saturday, March 24, 2007

getting fit or losing money

Chris Guess and I have had our gym memberships for quite some time. We use to be consistent in getting to the gym every morning at 4:30 in the morning but managed to fall asleep for a couple months. This time we have rematerialized the plans of our morning workout. Here it goes. Its 5am now, so not too early and If somebody misses a day, they pay! That's right 5 big ones! So the first week Chris lost lbs and I lost 15 bucks! but don't worry about my finacial situation because I quickly inherited it back. You see upon losing some money Bethany started setting extra alarm clocks. Now at 4:45am she is up and out of bed like a drill sargeant, "hup hup hup" "Get out of bed Lazy", "time for the Gym!!!". So all it took was a little bits of the honey's help, and I'm finally seeing signs of a muscle in my body. By the way, beth goes back to sleep at 4:55am - and she doesn't budge when I try to get her up at 7:00 - whats up with that?! Chris is definitely committed to this and I could see him repossesing my car if I dont stick with it. I too have been wanting to, the 5 dollars is just a bit of encoragemnet. So pretty soon, you'll be able to call me "Arnold".

New Job, New Place, New Car


I gave my dad an hour notice when I found that ServiceMaster was going to higher me on as one of their marketers. I liked my dads but was looking for something different in which I knew I could be more accountable to working more hours. The job, to talk to Insurance Agents, Commercial / Residential property management, Companies, and Government Agencies about using us in a time of disaster seemed like fun! I can also work on things like newsletters, websites, emails, etc.. I'm really looking forward to being able to practice conducting myself a bit more professionally in life. I can work from home or leave to market. They've even included allowances for things like my cell phone and the corporate gas card. A couple nice perks!


So we're out the Parents. It was incredibly nice of them to give us the time there and moreover all the help with AnnaBelle! And we're out! we searched all over town for a new place and only had to do one walk in. The first apartment we went to visit was perfect! So now we've found ourselves in downtown La Mesa enjoying the conveniently close stores and restaurants. We go on at least one walk day a around town, and cant miss the farmers markets on fridays.... its great!


Our camry was about to expire so we decided that we were going to need to take it in. A good friend of ours let us know of a great sale that Jeep was having.. My personal interest was the Grand Cherokee.. but they are a bit costly. They start at 28500 but after the sale we would be able to drive off with the Jeep at 20777. Alan, our good friend picked out the sales person, the financer, and the appraiser for the old car. He spoke with all of them personally and the end result was the best car experience of our life! The Jeep is standard, but to us it seemed fully loaded with cruise control and so many other features! It was great! Now we're cruising all day in a brand new 2007 Grand cherokee! Yes!

So we've found too many of God's Blessings on us-
We are truly grateful for all of them as we really we're
expecting any of them!