Friday, June 22, 2007

Norah and Grandma

My Brother the nice guy that he is bought Norah Jones tickets last year for my grandma and himself. Unfortunately , the USofA has him training for his vacation in Iraq this September in his goodness he let me enjoy the extra ticket with grandma.. It was a cool concert - M. (Matt) Ward introduced the night with Norah in a couple of oldies that were Awesome, but not on record anywhere.. "Blue Bayou" and "Guess things happen that way" were so very good I searched every corner of the net to find a bootlegged(?) recording on somebodys website for my enjoyment. Norah was very good, but I think I liked Matt's style better. I guess they call it front porch music?? All in all it was good - I think my grandma might have been feeling the effects of the dental appointment the day before, but we still had a good time. So, we drove to the concert, caught a bicycle cab, listened to the concert, and went home....

My grandma is always such a good date-
We have fun, and she always wants to pay for everything
- thanks Grandma!! (maybe she doesn't know the extent of my riches :)

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