Tuesday, June 19, 2007

another baby on the way... (seriously)

WE are expecting again! Beth is 7 weeks along as of this blogs post date. We will find out whether it is a boy or girl when the time comes.. :) Beths first Appointment with the Doctor is June 26. Ironically our child will join us around the same date that AnnaBelle was born! Which means, we will only have to throw one birthday party a year! (JUST KIDDING :P Haha) ... We are confident this all started with a Big Bear trip... We joined the Guess' and the Nichols' on a trip to Big Bear. We had a 3BR cabin and we held a little texas hold em' tournament between the guys to see who would win the Master Bedroom. Well, I Won!!...and the prize was good for a lifetime! ;)

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