Sunday, December 24, 2006

Free lunch for 25 and Tobasco in my Lemonade

I won a free lunch for up to 25 people at Chipotle recently. I always throw my card in their fish bowl for the raffle, and I have been fortunate to win twice within a couple months. I had invited all my friends when our intial angel tree group decided not to show. During my meal, my wife called me(she was sick at home) and I left the table to talk. When I came back I found that someone had been up to trouble! I took a sip of my lemonade, immediately finding that this wasn't my drink... oops, did I drink from pats cup by mistake?! but wait! what is that burning?! It taste like Tamarindo, but they don't serve that here! It sure isn't Dr. Pepper... and why Is it burning?!?! I looked up to see Chris Guess Crying in laughter and caught him literally red-hand by the stains of tobasco sauce! Well this was especially funny for everyone at the table, and I admit I was laughing too... Of course, the fun never ends there, and I wasn't going to be the last person to be messed with... so deeper into the meal... I did a couple switch-a-roos. Pat Jabbour looked away for a moment and I swapped him drinks. Immediately he takes a drink, ponders the sensation and swallows glaring over at me! HILARIOUS... I was crying! Two down (me included) and now it was Jen Jabbours turn... A stranger had her attention focused on her car, she had low air in a tire.. we made a quiet exchange in front of her and she must of been in a moment of deep thought because she subconsciously picked up the tobasco filled cup, shook it around a little and took a big drink! Immediately she spit it into my empty plate and repeatedly assaulted my left arm. sure, I deserved it, but it was definitely a moment that mastercard couldn't buy! Its nice to have good friends with a good sense of humor :) In turn we all had a good time and a Free Lunch, just a little hotter than usual. Tiffers, Julie, Ken, Jen S, Chris, Mihaela, Pat, Jen J, and Noah... thanks!

Friday, December 22, 2006

X-Country : Palm Springs

Finally got this flight done! This was really the only objective that I needed to complete for my pilots license. I have just a couple hours of touch up for the test. Here's how it went; I left Gillespie, flew over Julian and Borrego. I landed in thermal, filled the tank and took off over Palm Springs. I flew toward riverside, and down to Hemet. Landed at Hemet and Flew Home via temecula and Ramona. It was a great trip without incident. It built my confidence in leaving the home base, and really assured me in knowing that -I'm a Pilot!- In Thermal I was actually very unimpressed at how the CHP's plane was landing, I was even thinkng about pullng him over and asking to see his license!

when your kid has the flu. [its trickier than dodgeball]

(this one is kinda gross)--------------------------------------
AnnaBelle came down with something good this week. She slept for two days straight inbetween throwing up on all of us. We'd asked her if she was feeling well, and she responded "yeah", than out of the blue "blaaaaaaaaaah", it was all over us. The first sneak attack came late one night when I heard her crying. In the goodness of my heart I went to rescue her, and I embraced her only to find myself covered in her last meal. The most memorable attack came in a Starbucks with Friends, Beth saw it coming and put out her hands only to be holding soup and beans for the next two and half minutes while I retrieved rags. I was sooo bummed I didn't think to take a picture with my camera phone! The helpful baristas at Starbucks didn't even bring a mop... and we'll make sure we get free coffee out of there willingness to watch us. Yep. This flu was a nasty one. She covered Beth, Grandma, and I probably about two times each, She continued to be sick every thirty minutes that first night. She slept most of the next day...and the next, only waking up to throw up. Its day 5 now and she is throwing up once a day... She passed it along to grandma for a day, bethany a day, aunt laura(current), aunt jen and uncle adam... Its an epidemic - one nasty bug. [I'm terrified]

Friday, December 15, 2006

Dead Sea Scrolls in San Diego 06/29/07 to 12/31/07


While the importance of these documents is multifaceted, one of their principle contributions to biblical studies is in the area of textual criticism. This is the field of study in which scholars attempt to recreate the original content of a biblical text as closely as possible. Such work is legitimate and necessary since we possess only copies (apographs), not the original manuscripts (autographs) of Scripture. The Dead Sea Scrolls are of particular value in this regard for at least two reasons: (1) every book of the traditional Hebrew canon, except Esther, is represented (to some degree) among the materials at Qumran and (2) they have provided textual critics with ancient manuscripts against which they can compare the accepted text for accuracy of content.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006