Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Family Road Trip

My cousin Andrea on my dad's side went North to Berkley for school. She met a cool guy up there, dated for a couple years and announced there wedding date, August 18, 2007. This was a special time for the fam to get together as a whole and celebrate while having some fun on the way. Dad helped by sponsoring the trip and donated toward some extra road stops on the way. So this blog is about our trip :)

Beth, Bella and I left a couple days prior to the happy day to spend some fam time together. We've found it best for Bella's sake to leave in the middle of the night so that she sleeps through all the driving. So, after a midnight stop to Walmart we took off for our first destination, Sacramento. We arrived at 7am, and I swear I didn't go a mile over 120!....(maybe once, for about 45 minutes...jk!!). Neither of us had been to Sacramento, so we made the usual stops. We spent 4 hours in Sacramento viewing "old Sacramento" and downtown. We then headed toward Napa valley for a Drive. Found a hotel and spent the night. The Next day we toured the Jelly Belly factory, Budweiser Factory and headed off for Sausalito. We stayed in a place within Sausalito, the entire family down the hall in rooms next to, and across from us. It was a lot of Fun.

The Next Day, My cousin Andrea Git Married. It was on the Bay and It was Beautiful. We partied the night at restaurant also on the bay. We shared The road trip home with Brian, my bro. We stopped at the Winchester House, Hearst Castle, a couple wineries, a nice bed and breakfast on the beach. It was a great trip!! I think it really brought the extended Fam a bit closer too :)

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